My eBay connection VintageLens-Nederland

Many many years ago i bought my forst item online, my first buy was on eBay. Her i could find the stuff we don’t have laying around in Holland. I was searching for special items that I needed for building my first large format camera. I came across shutters and lenses, bellows and scrap camera’s, manuals an repair books. Nu some 15 years later i still ams buying on eBay but since today I also sell on eBay. My expertise is buying and selling secondhand vintage usable and collectible camera equipment. I advice people on what to buy for the job the are about to do.

I was fifteen when he bought a relatively simple Praktica camera for going travelling. When I returned, I delivered my roll of film and talked to the owner of the photography shop. Slowly, a passion for the technique behind photography emerged. My first job was at the same specialty shop. A study of photography followed and years later I set up my own business in photography. My biggest achievement is a self-built camera, specifically intended for big negatives. It is clear that I know the world of photography from every angle.

You can Find the Items in my eBay shop as well as on this webshop. Please ask me for anything, information is free. You can E-mail me, what’sapp me, or even call me. But please read the information I gather and post on my blog. The information I post is selfmade by me and other experts an enthusiasts in the field of photography.