The Leica R10 that did not make it to production



The Leica R10

Andreas Kaufmann, Leica’s CEO, had announced at an informal press briefing during the Photokina industry fair in September 2008 that his company was working on a new flagship for its R-series of single lens reflex cameras. The R10 was expected to benefit from the development of Leica’s S2 medium format digital camera and feature a full-frame digital imaging sensor while gaining autofocus capability. It would thereby be able to accept a new line of AF-lenses, possibly including those developed for the S2, as well as the existing manual focus R-system optics. However, in March 2009 Leica announced that it would not pursue the development of the R10 and discontinue the production of its R-series of SLR cameras and lenses altogether.

The Leica press release (24 March 2009) read as follows:

For more than 40 years the Leica R-System has played an important role within the Leica product portfolio. However new camera developments have significantly affected the sales of Leica R cameras and lenses resulting in a dramatic decrease in the number sold. Sadly therefore there is no longer an economic basis on which to keep the Leica R-System in the Leica production program. At the beginning of March 2009 authorised Leica photo dealers were informed by Leica Camera AG that the production of the SLR camera, Leica R 9 as well as R-lenses would therefore be discontinued.


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