Almost All lensmounts ever made

lens Mount type's

List of lens mounts (courtesy of Wikipedia)

Mount nameFlange focal distanceFrame sizeThroat or thread diameterMount thread pitchMount typePrimary useCamera lines
S (a.k.a. M12)No Flange. Back focal distance from <1mm to 12mm.1/6″  to 1″12 mm0.5 mm pitchScrewCCTV, PCBEdmund Optics μ-Video
Samsung NX mini6.95 mm1″38 mmBayonetStill (Digital)
Pentax Q9.2 mm1/2.3″, 1/1.7″BayonetStill (Digital)
D12.29 mm8 mm15.88 mm (0.625 inch)32 TPIScrewCinematography
CS12.52 mm1/3″ , 1/2″25.40 mm (1 inch)32 TPIScrewCinematography / Industrial
C17.526 mm (0.69 inches)1/2″ , 16 mm, 2/3″ , 1″25.40 mm (1 inch)32 TPIScrewCinematography / Industrial
Nikon 117 mm13.2 x 8.8mmBayonetStill (Digital)Nikon 1 series
Fujifilm X17.7 mmAPS-C44 mmBayonetStill (Digital)Fujifilm X-series
Canon EF-M18 mmAPS-C47 mmBayonetStill (Digital)Canon EOS M
Sony E18 mmAPS-C and 35 mm46.1 mm (1.815 inch)BayonetStill (Digital)Sony Alpha NEX
Micro Four Thirds19.25 mm17.3 mm × 12.98 mm~38 mmA[›]BayonetStill (Digital)Olympus Pen & OM-D series
Panasonic G, GF, GX & GH Series
Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera
Canon EX20 mmBayonetStill
Leica L20 mmAPS-C and 35 mm48.8 mmBayonetStill (Digital)Leica L mount (Autofocus MILC) series
Bolex C23.22 mm16 mmBreech lockCinematography
1/3″ bayonet mount25 mm1/3″ (5.24×2.94)BayonetVideoJVC professional video cameras
Samsung NX25.5 mmAPS-C42 mmBayonetStill (Digital)
Fujifilm G26.7 mm35 mmBayonetStill (Digital)Fujifilm GX-series
Pentax Auto 11027 mm110 filmBayonetStill
Leica M27.80 mm35 mm44 mmBayonetStillLeica M series
Leica CL
Minolta CLE
KM28 mm (27.80 mm?)35 mm44 mmBayonetStillKonica Hexar RF
Canon screw mount35 mmM391 mmScrewStill
M39 (a.k.a. L-Mount, LSM)28.80 mm35 mmM3926 TPIScrewStillLeica M39 screw mount
Narciss28.8 mm16 mmM241 mmScrewStill
Olympus Pen F28.95 mm35 mm half-frameBayonetStill
Contax bayonet34.85 mm35 mmDouble bayonetStillContax I, II, III, IIa, IIIa
Kiev 35mm
Contax G29.00 mm35 mmBreech lockStill
Canon SV32.00 mmBayonetStill (Digital)Canon RC-701 & 760
Hasselblad Xpan34.27 mm35 mm panoramicBayonetStill
Nikon S34.85 mm35 mmBayonetStillNikon Rangefinder
1/2″ bayonet mount37.80 mm1/2″ (6.97×3.92)BayonetVideoNon-Sony professional video cameras
Alpa37.80 mm35 mmBayonetStill
V36.00 mmAPS-HBayonetStillMinolta Vectis
Sony 1/2″ bayonet mount38 mm1/2″ (6.97×3.92)BayonetVideoSony professional video cameras
Four Thirds38.67 mm17.3 mm × 12.98 mm~44 mmA[›]BayonetStill (Digital)Olympus E
Panasonic Lumix DMC-L
Leica Digilux
Aaton universal40 mm16 mmBreech lockCinematography
Konica F40.50 mm35 mm40 mmBayonetStillKonica F
Konica AR40.50 mm35 mm47 mmBayonetStillKonica Autoreflex
Miranda bayonet/M4441.5 mm35 mm and APS-CBayonetStillMiranda Camera Company
Canon FL42 mm35 mmBreech lockStill
Canon FD42.00 mm35 mmBreech lockStill
Fujica X43.5 mm35 mm49 mmBayonetStillFujica-X
SR43.50 mm35 mm44.97 mmBayonet (54°)StillMinolta SR/MC/MD
Petriflex43.5 mm35 mmBreech lockStill
Mamiya/Sekor E43.5 mm35 mmBayonetStill
Canon EF44.00 mm35 mm54 mm[1]BayonetStill (Digital)Canon EOS
Canon EF-S44.00 mmAPS-C54 mmBayonetStill (Digital)Canon EOS
Sigma SA44.00 mm35 mmBayonetStillSigma SA
Paxette44 mm35 mmM391 mmScrewStill
Praktiflex44 mm35 mmM401 mmScrewStill
Praktica B44.40 mm35 mmBayonetStill
Minolta A44.50 mm35 mm and APS-C49.7 mm (1.939 inch)Bayonet (54°)StillMinolta AF/Alpha/Dynax/Maxxum
Sony α
Rolleiflex SL3544.46 mm35 mm46 mmBayonetStill
Exakta, Topcon44.7 mm35 mmBayonetStill
Zenit M3945.2 mm35 mmM391 mmScrewStill
Pentax K45.46 mm35 mm and APS-CBayonetStill
M3745.46 mm35 mm37 mm1 mmScrewStillAsahiflex
M4245.46 mm35 mm42 mm1 mmScrewStillPraktica,[2] Pentax
Y/C-mount45.5 mm35 mmBayonetStillYashica/Contax
Mamiya ZE45.5 mm35 mmBayonetStill
MA~45.8 mm35 mmBayonetStillKyocera Yashica 230 AF etc.
Olympus OM46 mm35 mm46 mmBayonetStill
Nikon F46.5 mm35 mm44 mmBayonetStill
Leica R47.00 mm35 mmBayonetStill
B4-mount48 mm2/3″ (9.6×5.4)BayonetVideoProfessional and broadcast video cameras
Contax-N48 mm35 mmBayonetStill
Praktina50 mm35 mmBreech lockStill
T-Thread (Very earliest type)50.7 mm35 mmM370.75mmScrewStillTamron
Adapt-A-Matic50.7 mm35 mmBayonetStillTamron
Adaptall 1 & 250.7 mm35 mmBayonetStillTamron
Arri standard52 mm35 mm and 16 mmTab lockCinematography
Arri bayonet52 mm35 mm and 16 mmBayonetCinematography
Arri PL52 mm35 mm and 16 mmBreech lockCinematography
T55 mm35 mm42 mm0.75 mmScrewStillTamron
YS Auto T-Thread55 mm35 mm42 mm0.75 mmScrewStillSigma Corporation
T-thread55 mm35 mm47 mm0.75 mmScrewStillTokina
Mavica57 mmBayonetStill (Digital)
Panavision PV57.15 mm35 mmBreech lockCinematography
B3-mount58 mm2/3″Reverse bayonetVideoIkegami
Mamiya 7/7II60 mm (approx.)6×7BayonetStill
Mitchell BNCR61.468 mm35 mmBreech lockCinematography
Mamiya 64563.3 mm6×4.5BayonetStill
Zeiss Panflex 5522/23 for Contax rf64.50 mm35 mmDouble bayonetStill
Leitz Visoflex II/III68.8 mm35 mmBayonet (Leica M)Still
Pentax 64570.87 mm6×4.5BayonetStill
Arri Maxi PL73.5 mm70 mm64 mmCinematography
Pentacon Six74.1 mm6×6Breech lockStill
Hasselblad74.9 mm6×6BayonetStill
Kowa Six/Super 6679 mm6×6Breech lockStill
Pentax 6×784.95 mm6×7BayonetStill
Leitz Visoflex I91.3 mm35 mmM3926 TPIScrewStill
Bronica S2A101.7 mm6×657 mm1BayonetStill
Rolleiflex SL66102.8 mm6×6BayonetStill
Mamiya RZ67105 mm6×7BayonetStill
Mamiya RB67112 mm6×7BayonetStill
RMS thread, society thread150 mm // 180 mm0.8″, Whitworth36 tpiScrewMicroscopeolder microscopes
Nikon Biological
UnknownM250.75 mmScrewMicroscope
BD MountUnknownM260.7 mmScrewMicroscopeMitutoyo
Olympus BD
Nikon BD
ZeissUnknownM270.75 mmScrewMicroscope

For small camera modules, used in e.g. CCTV systems and machine vision, a range of metric thread mounts exists. The smallest ones can be found also in e.g. cellphones and endoscopes. The most common by far is the M12x0.5, followed by M8x0.5 and M10x0.5.[3]

  • M4.2×0.2 (1/7″ sensors)
  • M4.6×0.25 (1/5″, 2.4mm, 3.8mm sensors, industrial endoscopes)
  • M5x0.35 (1/6″, 1/5″ sensors)
  • M5.5×0.35 (1.7″, 1/5.8″, 1/5″, 1/4″ sensors)
  • M6x0.35 (1/4″, 5.2mm, 4.85mm sensors)
  • M6.4×0.25 (1/3″ sensors)
  • M7x0.35 (1.8″, 1.7″, 1/6″, 1/5″, 1/4″, 1/3.6″, 1/3.2″, 1/2.7″, 4.85mm sensors)
  • M8x0.35 (1/4″, 1/3″ sensors)
  • M8x0.5 (1/5″, 1/4″, 1/3″ sensors; sometimes occurs in diode laser modules)
  • M9x0.5 (1/2.7″, 1/3″, 1/3.2″ sensors; also commonly encountered in diode laser modules)
  • M10x0.5 (1/4″, 1/3″ sensors)
  • M12x0.5 (the S-mount, listed in the table)