How to Make a Camera in a Home Machine Shop

How to Make a Camera in a Home Machine Shop

Photographer Lucus Landers has built one of the most impressive do-it-yourself cameras we’ve ever seen. Called the Landers AL6, it’s an all-aluminum camera that shoots medium format film.

“I have recently completed my most recent camera build,” Landers tells PetaPixel. “With the exception of the lens and shutter, everything is handmade in my Brooklyn apartment.”

While most homebrew cameras are made with wood and ingredients that are easier to work with, Landers opts to do metalwork.

“I live and sleep mere feet away from a welder and milling machine,” he says. “To build this camera, I use a combination of casting, machining, and welding.”

Landers started the project by making sand molds using a red sand called Petrobond.


courtesy of Petapixel