How to determine the age of an Olympus TRIP35

Olympus trip 35

The serial number on an Olympus Trip 35 camera does *not* give you a precise date of
manufacture. The only way to tell is to open the film compartment and carefully remove the
pressure plate on the back of the door (this is quite easy. It simply slides free from its
locating pins) and look for a code on the back of the pressure plate.
The code consists of 3 characters:
1st Japanese character or letter (in later models) signifying the assembly plant.

2nd number representing the last digit of the year of assembly
(e.g. 5 = 1975, 0 = 1980).
3rd number or letter representing the month of assembly,
1-9 for Jan-Sep, X, Y, Z for Oct-Dec.
for example; N1Y = November 1971
Of course the TRIP 35 was manufactured between 1967 and 1984, so if you are unsure if
you have a 1968 or 1978 model, the chrome shutter button is the earlier and the black the