Direct Positive RA-4 Reversal Prints


Direct Positive RA-4 Reversal Prints. ft. Joe Van Cleave


A recepie

You can make reasonable prints from some transparencies using Endura paper itself in a modified RA cross process.

This is not for everyone, but is doable. The prints are rather high in contrast and have some mottle, but most low key scenes with lots of detail look quite good. I have a 16×20 drum processed print hanging on the wall next to me right now.

Supra papers and Crystal papers will not work, as they don’t clean out to d-min, and give rather ugly greens or reds instead of whites.

Desiging a special paper would be the best route, but in todays conventional world, it is not economical. Besides, the process would have to be modified.

If you don’t like to scratch mix chemistry, here is the process (all at 68 deg F with CONSTANT AGITATION):

Dektol 1:3 2′

Stop 15″

Wash 45″

RA-RT dev 2′

Stop 15″

Blix 2′

Wash 10′


Lights can be turned on after the first stop bath. Your first exposure should be about 2 stops heavier than your regular negative print exposure, with about 20R more filtration.