Convert Your Sony F828 into an Infrared Camera for Stunning IR Images

Sony Cybershot F828 IR camera

    **Introduction:** Discover how to transform your Sony F828 camera into a powerful infrared camera without the need for extensive modifications. Unlock the potential of this 2003 camera model and capture incredible 8-megapixel IR images with ease. Learn the step-by-step process and the advantages of this setup over traditional IR filters. Find out how […]

The Collodion process

The Collodion process

The Collodion process, also known as the wet plate process, is a photographic technique that was developed in the 1850s and became popular in the late 19th century. The process involves coating a glass plate with a mixture of collodion (a liquid made from nitrated cotton) and silver iodide, which is then sensitized and exposed […]

The 19th century was a pivotal time in the history of photography

Holland camera Amsterdam Field view camera 18x24cm + brass lens

. During this period, various inventors and scientists developed new technologies and techniques that would lay the foundation for modern photography. One of the most important figures of this era was William Henry Fox Talbot, who in 1839 introduced the Calotype process, which used paper coated with silver iodide to create a negative image that […]

Silvergrain Classics : Fireside Chats are back

The Fireside Chats are back, sign up for the free webinar with the link below! Don’t miss the chance to submit your questions to our guests, CineStill founders Brandon and Brian Wright, large-format artist Jan Schlegel, Catawiki camera expert Edwin Molenaar, and creative pinhole artist Heather Oelklaus. Sign up at this link:…/741…/WN_-IeNF7pHRTO6XDyb0Ombeg

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