Leica R Mount SLR Lenses

While the Leica screw-mount and M bayonet mount rangefinder lenses are familiar to most camera collectors, Leitz also produced a wide range of lenses for its single lens reflex cameras. These cameras have a long history, starting out with the original Leicaflex , the auto-exposure R3, the famous all-mechanical R6, and continuing on to the current Leica R9 which accommodates an 11-megapixel […]

Old Lenses on new Camera’s

Nikon D300 with Zuiko Olympus Macro 50mm F3.5

Many lenses are very easy to use with appropriate adapters, I’ve already got adapters for all kind of lenses to use on my Lumix M4/3 camera’s. All came at quite reasonable cost from eBay. You may hear people on the forums say that cheap adapters are to be avoided.However I’m of the opinion that this […]

Excellent Vintage lenses to adapt to DSLR or Mirrorless

In yesteryears many excellent lenses were made for camera’s of all shapes and sizes. And in those years many of those camera brands used even more lens mounts. No with adapters you can fit almost every lens to almst every camera so these lenses can be of use again other than collecting… These are some […]

The differences between the Non-AI, AI, Af-D, AF-s/G and AIS Nikon mounts

These two photos show the differences between the Non-AI, AI and AIS Nikon mounts. In this photo, note: 1. The “nostrils” in the fork on the AI and AIS lenses; it’s solid on the Non-AI. 2. On the AI and Non-AI, the aperture number 16 (the smallest on the lens) is painted blue. On AIS […]

SLR Lens Mount Identification Guide by Richard Oleson

lens Mount type's

So you’ve found a lens and you don’t know what camera it fits? Scroll down this set of photos until you find the one that it looks like. I don’t have everything here, but I have most of the more common ones for manual-focus, focal plane shutter 35mm SLRs. Quick notes on lensmount compatibility: This […]

An easy battery substitute for the PX625 mercury cell in your OM1

PX625 replacement

Back in the Good Old Days, a number of cameras were designed to use the PX13 or PX625 mercury battery. Because the mercury battery’s voltage output was so reliable and constant, SOME (not all) of these cameras were built without any form of voltage reguation in the meter circuits. Now that mercury batteries are no […]

How do you spot a fake Leica by Richard Oleson


Let’s face it … there are a WHOLE lot of fake screwmount Leicas out there. Often they come with a garish polished brass finish, sometimes even with wood veneer in place of the leatherette, and gold-inlaid Nazi eagles that would have made Goering blush, and they’re easy to spot. But somehow people still occasionally get […]