Almost All lensmounts ever made

lens Mount type's

List of lens mounts (courtesy of Wikipedia) Mount name Flange focal distance Frame size Throat or thread diameter Mount thread pitch Mount type Primary use Camera lines S (a.k.a. M12) No Flange. Back focal distance from <1mm to 12mm. 1/6″  to 1″ 12 mm 0.5 mm pitch Screw CCTV, PCB Edmund Optics μ-Video Samsung NX mini 6.95 mm 1″ […]

The Leica R10 that did not make it to production


  The Leica R10 Andreas Kaufmann, Leica’s CEO, had announced at an informal press briefing during the Photokina industry fair in September 2008 that his company was working on a new flagship for its R-series of single lens reflex cameras. The R10 was expected to benefit from the development of Leica’s S2 medium format digital camera and feature […]

250 followers on Instagram

  Lets celebrate our 250th follower on Instagram. On Instagram I share my finds when it comes to camera’s, I want to share my knowledge on photography and equipment from days past. Any questions can be sent to me using this link. Or just visite my Instagramfeed.

How about if you could turn your Nikon F2 or Pentax ME digital

I'm Back Kickstarter

About Digital or analog? No need to choose, you have both. The first low-cost digital back for your 35mm camera. For those who always wanted to have a “hybrid” camera working with photographic films or in digital mode. After 5 years and dozens of prototypes later, I’m Back® launches its final version, with a leaner design, an elegant bayonet […]

Using Shutters for large format camera’s and viewcamera’s

Lets talk Shutters: Personally, I am a big fan of both the ilex shutter and Alphax shutter. Other popular well made shutters include the Copal, Compound, Prontor, and the Compur shutter. These are all nice shutters that have proven themselves over time as being both durable and reliable with the possible exception of the Compound shutter. […]

My eBay connection VintageLens-Nederland

Many many years ago i bought my forst item online, my first buy was on eBay. Her i could find the stuff we don’t have laying around in Holland. I was searching for special items that I needed for building my first large format camera. I came across shutters and lenses, bellows and scrap camera’s, […]

Ultra rare Minolta 7000 plus SB-70VF Still VideoBack on eBay

Minolta SB-70 Still videoback

In my search on eBay for my digital camera collection I came across a rarity from Minolta a still video camera back from 1986 The Minolta SB-70 was first shown as a prototype at the Photokina 1986. A market-ready product was manufactured by November of 1987 and sale started in Japan in 1988. It was built […]

Leica R Mount SLR Lenses

While the Leica screw-mount and M bayonet mount rangefinder lenses are familiar to most camera collectors, Leitz also produced a wide range of lenses for its single lens reflex cameras. These cameras have a long history, starting out with the original Leicaflex , the auto-exposure R3, the famous all-mechanical R6, and continuing on to the current Leica R9 which accommodates an 11-megapixel […]

Old Lenses on new Camera’s

Nikon D300 with Zuiko Olympus Macro 50mm F3.5

Many lenses are very easy to use with appropriate adapters, I’ve already got adapters for all kind of lenses to use on my Lumix M4/3 camera’s. All came at quite reasonable cost from eBay. You may hear people on the forums say that cheap adapters are to be avoided.However I’m of the opinion that this […]

Excellent Vintage lenses to adapt to DSLR or Mirrorless

In yesteryears many excellent lenses were made for camera’s of all shapes and sizes. And in those years many of those camera brands used even more lens mounts. No with adapters you can fit almost every lens to almst every camera so these lenses can be of use again other than collecting… These are some […]

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