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How to resurrect a twin lens reflex camera like Rolleiflex

Seagull 4

How to adjust a Lubitel twin lens reflex camera

LOMO Lubitel 2 (TLR)

All Lubitel TLR cameras are focusing on sprocket wheels and they sometimes get out of alignment. This is a video on how to adjust them. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

How to make a lens cap on the cheap

  The video was made by Markus Hofstätter please have a look at his youtube channel about collodium and large format photography.

What went wrong with my 35mm film


Talking about Huge cameras and Unique images

Lens mount Iris aperture

How to use 35mm film with a 126 instamatic camera

Rollei A26 + C26 (126 film)

Film Is Having a Resurgence

Minolta XG-1 + Petri 35-105mm

How to change to a 10 megapixel output on a D1X

Nikon D1 (used in UMC Hospital Utrecht NL)

Nikon View 5.1.4 and later provides an image transfer tool, image browsing, basic editing tools and also includes a “plug-in” for Adobe® Photoshop®. This “plug-in” provides the possibility of further enhancement of RAW “NEF” images. Using either Nikon View or Adobe Photoshop, it is possible to open NEF files as either 10 megapixels (4016×2616) or the […]


Direct Positive RA-4 Reversal Prints

  Direct Positive RA-4 Reversal Prints. ft. Joe Van Cleave   A recepie You can make reasonable prints from some transparencies using Endura paper itself in a modified RA cross process. This is not for everyone, but is doable. The prints are rather high in contrast and have some mottle, but most low key scenes […]

Not 10 years ago.. Analogue for the masses

Metz 45CT1 + Vivitar 365 Large Flash units

Here’s a commercial Vivitar ran about a decade ago to convince older picture-takers to switch back to simple film cameras from the frustrating world of digital.    

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