Nico van Dijk is a renound dutch collector of Nikon. His  website has a lot of information on all stuf related to Nikon camera’s and history.

For manuals of cameras of all sorts please have a look at the website of Mike Butkus. He has dedicated his (free)time to digitizing camera manuals, he has and extensive database of over 29000 manuals in PDF format. they are free to download, he only asks a free donation of a few dollar of euro…

A fine site for website optimization and SEO is

For repair an refurbishing my stock and collection I use the services of Willem Schreiber. He is a talented repair craftsman that has helped me for many times. Reliable man, good work and reasonable prices. He has a website where you can contact him. He is living and working in Breukelen between the cities of Amsterdam and Utrecht. His workshop is easy to reach with both car and train

A excellent site for information on camera’s and lenses is the site of Mike Lee he is an amateur automotive photographer and is  ‘addicted’ to the gear of photography and especially camera lenses. He say’s ” It started out as just buying cool new digital SLR lenses but it blossomed to include vintage SLR lenses as well because I fell in love with their unique drawing styles and character”. He no shoots with mirror-less so he can adapt even more lenses to his system. His database has become extensive so have a look.

My website’s Vintagelens and are being managed by myself and Jaap de Wit. He designs and builds websites based on WordPress and Woocommerce

A3scannen is my other business. There I offer the services of digitizing negatives,slides,8mm film ,videotapes and recovering data from old datastrorage disks like ZIP,Syquest and MO.