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How to adjust a Lubitel twin lens reflex camera

LOMO Lubitel 2 (TLR)

All Lubitel TLR cameras are focusing on sprocket wheels and they sometimes get out of alignment. This is a video on how to adjust them. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

Bronica Product Guide For different type of Zenza Bronica models

Zenza Bronica

Bronica Product Guide AD-180B5m Dated 5/74 (Cover Photograph) Bronica Deluxe (“D”) The Bronica Deluxe or “D” model camera was introduced in 1960 by Zenza Bronica. As the forerunner of an unbroken series of 2 1/4 square SLR cameras, it incorporated many design features still not found on competitive equipment after more than 16 years. The […]

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