Convert Your Sony F828 into an Infrared Camera for Stunning IR Images

Sony Cybershot F828 IR camera


Sony F828 IR-Camera
Sony F828 IR-Camera


Discover how to transform your Sony F828 camera into a powerful infrared camera without the need for extensive modifications. Unlock the potential of this 2003 camera model and capture incredible 8-megapixel IR images with ease. Learn the step-by-step process and the advantages of this setup over traditional IR filters. Find out how to optimize your camera’s settings and achieve impressive results. Read on to explore the possibilities of infrared photography with your Sony F828.

**1. Understanding the Conversion Process**
Learn how to convert your Sony F828 into an infrared camera by replacing the internal infrared blocking filter with an infrared pass filter. This modification allows infrared light to reach the camera’s sensor while blocking visible light. Ensure proper handling and avoid damaging your camera by following the instructions carefully.

**2. The Sony F828 as an Ideal Choice**
Discover the remarkable capabilities of the Sony F828 for infrared photography. Although not a DSLR, this camera can be effectively utilized as one. Don’t dismiss this camera based solely on its age. Embrace the opportunity to capture stunning IR images using the RAW mode, maximizing the potential of its 8MP sensor.

**3. Unveiling the Specifications**
Explore the impressive specifications of the Sony F828, highlighting its strengths for infrared photography. With an 8-megapixel 4-colour Super HAD CCD, this camera captures exquisite detail suitable for large prints. Benefit from the 7x optical zoom and Carl Zeiss T* lens system, enabling versatile shooting options. Embrace the convenience of storing images on Sony Memory Stick media or Compact Flash Card.

**4. The Advantage of the RAW Setting**
Harness the power of the Sony F828’s RAW setting for optimal infrared image quality. Capture images in RAW mode to fully utilize the camera’s capabilities and extract maximum detail from your shots. By shooting in RAW, you can achieve superior results that surpass other file formats.

**5. The Importance of Custom White Balance**
Discover the significance of adjusting the camera’s white balance settings for successful infrared photography. Follow a simple method to set a custom white balance using green grass as the reference point. Unlock the potential of your Sony F828 by ensuring accurate colour representation and obtaining the desired infrared effect.

**6. IR Image Samples**
Marvel at captivating infrared images captured using the Sony F828 in IR mode. Explore the unique perspective offered by infrared photography and witness the creative possibilities it presents. Gain inspiration from these compelling visual examples and envision the potential of your own infrared photography journey.

Sony Cybershot F828 IR camera
Sony Cybershot F828 IR camera
Sony Cybershot F828 IR camera
Sony Cybershot F828 IR camera
Sony Cybershot F828 IR camera
Sony Cybershot F828 IR camera

**7. Enhance Your Setup with a Magnet**
Optimize your Sony F828’s infrared capabilities by incorporating a small, powerful magnet. Obtain this accessory from our shop and discover its transformative effects. Learn the proper placement of the magnet to activate the camera’s IR mode effortlessly. Expand your creative horizons and unlock new opportunities for captivating infrared photography.

Transforming your Sony F828 into an infrared camera is a game-changer for photography enthusiasts. By following the conversion process, utilizing the RAW setting, and fine-tuning the white balance, you can capture breathtaking IR images with this exceptional camera. Explore the possibilities of infrared photography with your Sony F828, and let your creativity soar. Unlock a new realm of captivating visuals and embark on a journey filled with unique and mesmerizing photographs.

Sony F828 IR-Camera
Sony F828 RAW setting

The specifications are as follows :

  • 8-megapixel 4-colour Super HAD CCD captures enough detail to make 22×16-inch prints
  • 7x optical zoom with a Carl Zeiss T* lens system (28 – 200mm, 35mm equivalent); 14x precision digital zoom
  • Captures images in both RAW and TIFF modes; MPEG movie; advanced accessory shoe
  • Stores images on either Sony Memory Stick media or Compact Flash Card
  • Powered by InfoLithium M battery







Here you can see where to put the magnet to see in IR mode

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