Unveiling the Samsung ECX 1: The Porsche Among Autofocus Cameras


The Samsung ECX 1: A Revolutionary Design by F.A. Porsche

In the world of autofocus cameras, the Samsung ECX 1 stands out as a true masterpiece. Developed in 1994 by the renowned design agency F.A. Porsche, this 35 mm camera embodies elegance and innovation.

Unmatched Zoom Capability: Samsung Zoom Lens 38-140 mm Auto Macro

At the heart of the Samsung ECX 1 lies its exceptional zoom lens, the “Samsung Zoom Lens 38-140 mm Auto Macro.” With a remarkable zoom range from 38mm to 140mm, this lens allows you to capture everything from expansive landscapes to distant subjects with astounding clarity. Composed of eleven elements arranged in nine groups, the lens guarantees breathtaking image quality.

Unleash Your Creativity: Macro Mode and Minimum Focusing Distance

One of the standout features of the Samsung ECX 1 is its macro mode, which lets you explore the world of close-up photography. With a minimum focusing distance of 60 cm at 38 mm, you can capture intricate details and reveal the beauty of tiny subjects. Whether you’re photographing delicate flowers or fascinating insects, the Samsung ECX 1 ensures every detail is brought to life.

Seamless Exposure Control: ISO Sensitivity and Automatic Program

The built-in exposure meter of the Samsung ECX 1 is a testament to its advanced capabilities. It accurately measures sensitivity from ISO 50 to ISO 3200, providing you with unparalleled control over your exposure settings. Thanks to its DX coding, the camera automatically detects the ISO speed of the film, streamlining your workflow and ensuring optimal exposure results.

To further enhance your creative freedom, the Samsung ECX 1 features an automatic program mode. This mode intelligently selects the appropriate settings based on the shooting conditions, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect shot. Additionally, the camera offers exposure correction in 0.5 EV steps, enabling precise adjustments of up to ±3EV for those seeking complete control over their exposures.

Versatile Shutter Capabilities: Freeze the Moment or Embrace Long Exposures

The central shutter of the Samsung ECX 1 empowers you to freeze fast-paced action or delve into the realm of long exposures. With shutter speeds ranging from 1/400 s to 1/3 s, you can effortlessly capture fleeting moments with impeccable sharpness. Furthermore, the bulb mode opens up creative possibilities, enabling long exposures of up to 60 seconds. Whether you’re aiming to capture the vibrant chaos of a bustling city street or create dreamy light trails under a starry sky, the Samsung ECX 1 is your reliable companion.

Aesthetics and Portability: A Well-Balanced Design

Weighing approximately 450 grams and boasting a width of about 15 cm, the Samsung ECX 1 strikes an ideal balance between functionality and portability. Its sleek and compact design ensures comfortable handling, allowing you to carry it with ease on your photographic adventures. The camera’s ergonomic layout enables effortless access to its controls, ensuring you can focus on your craft without any distractions.

Reliability and Power: CR 123A Batteries

To ensure uninterrupted shooting sessions, the Samsung ECX 1 relies on two CR 123A batteries. These reliable power sources provide the energy needed to capture countless moments and immortalize them on film. With the Samsung ECX 1 by your side, you can confidently embark on photographic journeys knowing that power will never be an issue.

Witness the Legacy: Impeccable Condition Captured in Photos

The Samsung ECX 1 has stood the test of time, and its enduring appeal can be seen through the numerous

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