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My eBay connection VintageLens-Nederland

Many many years ago i bought my forst item online, my first buy was on eBay. Her i could find the stuff we don’t have laying around in Holland. I was searching for special items that I needed for building my first large format camera. I came across shutters and lenses, bellows and scrap camera’s, […]

Ultra rare Minolta 7000 plus SB-70VF Still VideoBack on eBay

Minolta SB-70 Still videoback

In my search on eBay for my digital camera collection I came across a rarity from Minolta a still video camera back from 1986 The Minolta SB-70 was first shown as a prototype at the Photokina 1986. A market-ready product was manufactured by November of 1987 and sale started in Japan in 1988. It was built […]

Leica R Mount SLR Lenses

While the Leica screw-mount and M bayonet mount rangefinder lenses are familiar to most camera collectors, Leitz also produced a wide range of lenses for its single lens reflex cameras. These cameras have a long history, starting out with the original Leicaflex , the auto-exposure R3, the famous all-mechanical R6, and continuing on to the current Leica R9 which accommodates an 11-megapixel […]

Why shooting film is still not dead….

Many, many, many men used to say ‘…Film is Dead..’ but also many more say film is dead long live the film… See what some have to say about film and about film VS digital  

MINOLTA MD ZOOM 35-70MM 1: 3.5

Minolta XG-M + legendary minolta 35-70 F3.5 MD mount

The Minolta MD Zoom 35-70 mm f/3.5 is the faster alternative to the low-budget 35-70 mm f/3.5-4.8 kit zoom. There are three revisions of the f/3.5 and this copy belongs to the second one. The first version features different optics and the third is the only one having a dedicated macro function. The lens is […]

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